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Shortly after the foundation in 1991, Hartmut Bannert and Klaus Manlik attracted the attention of business developers, top managers and company owners in the German pharmaceutical environment. Very soon far beyond Germany and later globally.

Since 2015, Klaus Manlik has been leading Bannert Manlik Consultants as sole managing partner. Since this time, many things have been changed, renewed, updated and adapted to the market conditions:

  • New professional management
  • New associate partners worldwide
  • Strengthened our consulting quality
  • Optimized our database
  • Expanded our focus globally
  • Enhanced our strategic targeting tools

Klaus Manlik has now decided to use the anniversary year 2021 as an opportunity to also update the company name: Bannert Manlik Consultants GmbH will now become: Manlik Pharma Consultants GmbH


Manlik Pharma Consultants has successfully expanded its range of services for its clients and is today a recognized M&A boutique for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

We support our clients professionally in all phases of an M&A process, focusing on:

  • Mergers & acquisitions, i.e., company divestments
  • and acquisitions (share deals)
  • Product/brand divestments and acquisitions
  • (asset deals)
  • In and out-licensing of brands or molecules
  • Strategic advice:
    – Market entry strategy
    – Financial and financing strategy
    – Sales and Marketing strategy
    – Portfolio analyses
    – Transaction valuations


All our consultants come from the pharmaceutical industry or have had contact with the pharmaceutical industry. They have different focuses in their expertise:

A. Classic pharmaceutical sector with RX products and hospital sector
B. OTC and prescription-free sector
C. Finance 

Our goal is to continue to provide and realize our M&A services for our clients in a more individual and result-oriented manner in the future.

In addition to the pure brokerage activities, our clients appreciate and use our strategic consulting competence, especially medium-sized companies, to buy and sell companies and product portfolios.

Klaus Manlik

Klaus Manlik

Managing Partner

More than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical Industry

Ulrike Däxl

Ulrike Däxl

Managing Director Operations

As Chief Operations Officer (COO), Ulrike is responsible for coordinating the operational business. This includes ensuring the high-quality standards of Manlik Pharma Consultants with respect to their clients. In addition, she manages the LatAm territory as Transaction Advisor, the second main pillar besides Germany and Europe. Furthermore, she prepares valuation reports for product acquisitions for select clients.

Mathias Käsebier

Mathias Käsebier

Senior Director

Former executive of Boehringer Ingelheim – specialty in global OTC business and global nutritional supplements


In addition to the home market in Europe, our main focuses are Latin and South America and the emerging markets.
Asia, especially Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, is also among Manlik Pharma Consultants’ core areas.

We are strong in Europe, Latin America and Emerging Markets and have an extensive global network

Proprietary Global Database

Manlik Pharma Consultants unique proprietary global database includes more than 22.000 companies and more than 50.000 individuals with public as well as non-public information:

By utilizing our own global database, we can narrow down and optimize clients’ search profiles to create the basis for a structured, targeted, successful search within a short time.

In addition to various databases (IMS, research databases, etc.), our database contains internal information about the individual companies, financial details, portfolio specifics, development pipeline, succession planning and much more.

  • Rx companies
  • OTC companies
  • Derma cosmetic companies
  • Generic companies
  • Nutraceutical companies
  • Phyto companies
  • Biotech companies
  • CMO’s
  • CRO‘s
  • Private Equity
  • …and more

Manlik Pharma Consultants HEALTH CHECK PROCESS

Our Service Partner Network

Manlik Pharma Consultants strives to offer our clients one-stop service. Therefore, we have built up a service partner network to complement our M&A advisory activities and provide faster service:

We have access to professional market research institutes, marketing and sales agencies, interim management providers, contract research and regulatory affairs providers, contract manufacturers and financial services providers.

Manlik Pharma Consultants also offers recruiting services to our clients. 


Flexible outsourcing and payroll services


Recruitment of specialised roles

(GM, Sales/KAM, Medical, Market access etc.)

Interim management provider


Banking relationships


Management of European Marketing

Authorisations and patent advice

Contract research and regulatory affairs


Contract manufacters


Market research

Why Manlik Pharma Consultants?

There are many reasons why our clients rely on Manlik Pharma Consultants’ 30 years of experience:

A. Our own global database, as well as our consultants’ personal networks, which have matured over many years and are constantly renewed and updated.

B. We are a multinational team. Our clients work on global projects and appreciate our geographic know-how and expertise in terms of consulting on features specific to various countries. 

C. In the last 30 years, we have successfully completed more than 600 transactions for our clients. This includes global transactions with a transaction value of more than 300 million, but also small and medium-sized transactions ranging down to 1 million.


Working with a network

of consultants with significant industry experience

Proprietary global database

Access to companies and individuals


designed for specific engagement

no generic templates


Multinational team

that is motivated,
and very efficient



closed 600+ deals


from planning to execution



Of more than 600 transactions, some stand out, such as the sale of a global cardiovascular brand for over €600 million, supervising the sale of a medium-sized, Colombian pharmaceutical company to a listed Spanish pharmaceutical company, furthermore, Manlik Pharma Consultants’ expertise in the sale of pharmaceutical production facilities. In the latter, we have primarily acted on behalf of large pharmaceutical companies.

Sell-side mandate

Divestment of
a Colombian
Pharma Company

to a Spanish stock-listed
Pharma Company

Deal Size
30 mn USD

Divestment of
an European

to a German
OTC Company

Deal Size
40 mn USD

Divestment of
a Mexican
Pharma Company

to a LatAm based
Pharma Company

Deal Size
100 mn USD

Buy-side mandate

Divestment of a
global cardiovascular

to a German
Pharma Company

Deal Size
600 mn USD

Divestment of a
global Gastro

to a German
Pharma Company

Deal Size
250 mn USD

Divestment of
an European
antibiotic brand

to a Belgian
Pharma Company

Deal Size
50 mn USD

Manlik Pharma Consultants


Within the scope of our consulting services, we assist companies in fine-tuning their strategies and advise them on creating the basis for an appropriate reorientation of the organization while considering the needs of the market and market participants as patients.

For this purpose, we have developed the Company Health Generator, which guides our clients systematically and logically through the process of restructuring or reorganization

  1. First, we analyze the existing corporate strategy.
  2. Then, we analyze the existing product portfolio.
  3. After that, we analyze the organization and its expertise and capabilities against future requirements.
  4. As a next step, we devise a gap analysis to identify which gaps exist in the portfolio that needs to be filled.
  5. After understanding the company’s future direction, we fine-tune the new corporate strategy, always in close cooperation with the client.
  6. The most important part is to assist with an implementation plan for this new strategy into the company organization.

Finalise Strategy Implementation

The implementation of a new corporate strategy requires a strict approach and procedure. Manlik Pharma Consultants supervises this process to ensure it is completed within a clearly defined time frame. 

  • This includes the preparation of a finance plan, 
  • the preparation of and decision on a divestment plan, including the sale of assets and portfolios and, if applicable, divisions of the company (shares) that are not part of the company’s focus or by selling mature brands.
  • Furthermore, devising an acquisition plan to close gaps in the portfolio by purchasing products for the focus areas of the company (indication focus, geographical priorities, etc.).
  • Finally, based on the overall results and findings, we create an optimization plan to realize the ultimate strategy of the company. 

For all topics, it is crucial to determine who is responsible for enforcing and implementing the strategy.

Final Strategy









Allocation of Responsibility for Strategy


Manlik Pharma Consultants

Since 1991, Manlik Pharma Consultants is one of the leading international strategic consulting firms for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
We assist our clients throughout the entire M&A process, provide portfolio management strategies, as well as support in the realisation of international growth and other strategic goals.


Our Office

Manlik Pharma Consultants

Manlik Pharma Consultants GmbH
Waldstraße 34

82335 Berg | Germany

Tel: + 49 . 8151. 973 65 0


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